About Me


Born and raised in Orange County, CA, I began my freelance career while still in high school; creating ad layouts for a local sports marketing agency. I went on to earn my B.A. in Communication Design, at California State University, Chico, obtaining multiple internships along the way to expand my knowledge and satisfy my hunger for design. Upon graduating, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career as a Graphic Designer for a high-end interior design showroom, and further my freelance reach. My current position allows me to continue my design practice, while increasing my marketing knowledge in the print & digital realm.
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Skills Background

Through my college education, internships, and freelance jobs, I have learned and extensively practiced the core skills required for nearly any design and marketing need. Business cards, magazines, posters, infographics, websites, logo designs, email & social media marketing are just a few of the jobs I’ve worked on for a wide variety of clients.

Skills Overview

Graphic Design

Building a brand begins with visual awareness and consistency. Creating memorable content is paramount to success, and this is done through graphic design. I have experience printing small and large-scale projects; from business cards, brochures, and calendars to window vinyl, banners, and multi-page publications. View samples on my portfolio page.

Web Development / SEO

Websites have become more important than ever. They are the central hub for customers across all platforms. I have over two years of experience in front-end web design, and specialize in custom HTML/CSS and social media integration. I am currently learning to create custom WordPress layouts and building my PHP/back-end skills.

Social Media Advertising

Marketing through social media has become a necessity in today’s digital world. Creating engaging content is key to building a mass following. I currently manage a social network for a designer furniture company that has gained thousands of followers through unpaid advertising.

Email Marketing

Building a client base is one thing, but keeping them connected and informed with company news and events is another. Customers check their inbox everyday, making email marketing a key factor to building a brand. I currently design custom email layouts for clients, and use A/B testing to create segmented material for specific target audiences.

Skills In-Depth

Ad Design + Layout
Social Media Marketing
Web Development
Search Engine Optimization
Great Ideas

Adobe Proficiency

Being a graphic designer means knowing the Creative Suite. Starting with my first version of Photoshop in freshman year of high school, I have continuously practiced the skills necessary to become proficient in digital & print design. Although evident throughout my portfolio work, here’s a glance at my primary skills.










After FX



My Process

The design process is crucial in any project. In order to achieve desirable results, it is important to begin with extensive research, until you have a full understanding of the client’s vision, as well as the demographic being catering to.

1. Research

2. Planning

3. Sketching

4. Creation

5. Apply

6. Success